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Eireannach Co-operative Society Ltd (spiritual & heritage community) is a registered co-operative, since May 2010. Its registration number is 5542R, and is a non-profit organisation.

It has many aims and levels of participation and this introduction seeks to provide a view of those organic projects, aims and ideas.One of which is to try to introduce a Community Interest Company (CIC) supported by cooperatives and if possible a Deed of Trust. To simplify matters a community interest company could/will become a legal entity in Ireland, but until then a merger of three types of company would be required, A deed of trust further protects the rights of landowners,

It is estimated that up to 1500 national monuments and historical artifacts are being destroyed in Ireland every year, this helps to erase its identity. This is why heritage needs protecting.

Another main aim is to build and finance a building project or projects, and the oisintrust is a part of that aim. With many ways to raise finance for projects, the co-operative and its members can participate as one more route. It is an aim of any project to be stress free and enjoyable, and projects are primarily for Irish needs but can also be for international projects. (therefore please forgive this long explanation).

Many Woman’s groups (and men of course) around Eireann could form charities and/or co-operatives to complete many unfinished projects a town or village requires. Under this umbrella it could assist financially assisting town or village local authorities, and could also assist spiritually.

Eireannach aims to help the unemployed and impoverished, purchase land, encourage interest and preservation of heritage, encourage crafts and community, and develop spirituality (although the latter is optional). It also encourages trade union membership, and whenever possible, pay above the national minimum pay level. Please note we are a non-profit organisation, and project development, depending on the need and skill level will require participation in building, land management, food production and rearing of animals and livestock. Initially projects will require a high degree of professionalism, but Eireannach co-operative members are not excluded from other projects, paid or otherwise. All co-operative members will be entitled to communal accommodation or an individual dwelling

Its seven founding members have now grown into three thousand people, and we are looking to extend the membership domestically and internationally (worldwide). If you wish to join you can do so in the following ways;

1) by joining the social networking sites & links (fb, bebo, p2p etc).

2) By emailing me or any of the seven founding members requesting to join, eventually http://oisintrust.org/ will have a community builder list to store member details.

With membership extended all over Ireland, people can join to affiliate with erinannach as a co-operative of your own, with seven founding members of your own. In this way the unemployed can extend their aims to forming their own co-operative, either branching out to be independent or affiliating as (for example) eireannachforestry, or eireananchcrafts etc. (contact us for details). It is of course open to anyone unemployed or employed, and the fee for registering with the registrar of friendly societies has been paid. As such it is free to join.

Further to this we are also a spiritual community (if you choose to be) wherever you live, and if you wish to protect heritage you can join to align yourself with a spiritual community (indigenously, at home in Ireland, and/or worldwide) in your locality, town or city. No belief is excluded and none is favored, but attention to history and ancient history is explicit in formulating your own view, within this spiritual community.

To obtain an outline of eireannach’s spirituality, existing in ancient tradition as today, look to your top right on this page  “Surveys. Letters, PDF’s & Articles” and observe a pdf conservation plan. (second pdf down) Once it is opened scroll to page 14 and read forward. Alternatively read all of its contents. In tradition it spans 4 ages, that we can record archaeologically and scientifically, 1) Gemini, Taurus, Aries (megalithic or pagan) and our current age Pieces (Christian age) as we move into Aquarius (new age as some term it)

You can of course join and have no spiritual, metaphysical or cultural beliefs or views. Atheism or agnosticism for many is a religion in itself. (for example), any and all religions or beliefs are welcome.

We therefore fulfil traditional economic aims for a cooperative and also any spiritual aims members may have within it.

Within any planning system heritage costs, it costs the price of the land and the inflated price of the land and any “other” payments involved or what would have been received as payment for the lands, in order not to develop or destroy it. Many preserved heritage sites often add prosperity in the longer term, increasing land values, and of course large sites attract people from all over the world.

With this in mind a co-operative has to be registered with the the Registry of Friendly Societies, and is based in Parnell House (Tel 00353 (o) 1-804 5499, 1890 220 225) In Dublin,  you can do this yourself directly for a fee, or via ICOS  (Irish Co-operative Organisation Society ltd)who also charge a fee. ICOS is a coordinating body for cooperatives in Ireland. As stated eireannachs fee has been paid.

To be registered as a co-operative you require a form with attached rules (which can be kept to a minimum) from either body and a statement of purpose. These rules are a public document and can be ordered and you are required to make one statement within those rules the rest are standard, but rule 4b for example, also standard, deals with land tenure).

Eireannach Co-operative Society Ltd (spiritual & heritage community) rule 4a

“To develop an interest in spiritual matters, heritage and crafts, arts and craft making, eco-living, music and sustainable economics. To develop a religion of indigenous people nationally and internationally”

The word “religion” has connotations for many, but we are a spiritual community, it is not organised for spiritual matters as of course spirituality can never be organised. We have complied with the rules and we are the second co-operative of its kind in Ireland.

ICOS and the registrar have corresponded to state they have no objection to erinannach co-operative society ltd being a “religion” and registering with the World Interfaith Council and /or the Secretariat of the Permanent Forum of Indigenous peoples.

The World Interfaith Council has said of the Eireannach cooperative society ltd (spiritual and heritage community)    “ We have received your documents and all are legible. You are qualified to be registered. Admin informs that you will have to submit the prescribed application. This form is being sent to you for your action”.

With this encouragement we will submit details as we develop them, although tradition and ancient heritage always form a background and basis for the World Interfaith Council requirements i.e. Information required about your religion/faith/spirituality. (see below)

“Religion name, Religious Prophet/Master/Teacher/Guru, symbols/logos, Slogans/Proverbs, Flag/Colours, Religion Precepts/Philosophy/Beliefs/Teachings, Holy Book, Holy Temple, Holy Songs, Membership, Brief History of the Religion, Its Geographical reach”

We aim to have no Master only spirituality and as advised by the world Interfaith council we will place our best foot forward. Of course our requirements are paramount, spirituality and materially.

To summarize much of the above, please look to the  “Surveys. Letters, PDF’s & Articles” section on this page and examine the surveys, then articles within our social network sites, and our links also on this page. From out of these ideas and historical traditions we hope to fulfil any criteria without too much formality. Many members have suggested however that it would be difficult to encapsulate Tir Na Og, Shangri la, Avalon, Shambala, or Elysium (etc) into any formal earthly order, yet any belief or spirituality has this problem or benefit depending on how you feel about it.

We have also been invited to the next permanent forum on indigenous issues at the United Nations, in May 2011. Having contacted the Secretariat of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, which is also an advisory body to the Economic and Social Council, they have corresponded to say,

“if you or any other members of Eireannach wish to participate in the next session of the Permanent Forum (May 2011) then you can register for that particular session next February” http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/unpfii/

As the conservation plan document (surveys, letters pdf’s section) states, many in Ireland wish to see changes in planning within Ireland, not so much in domestic housing (although this is a huge social problem, financially and socially, as well as issues with family wishing to build housing on their own land when they are blocked, or conversely when there lands are (cpo) compulsory purchased order ) but in its wider approach.

As a spiritual community and a member of Eireannach Co-operative Society Ltd, you can have spiritual reasons of faith for wishing to protect heritage, wherever you live, through the current planning system and any new system introduced. This can be added to submissions and/or development projects.  This is easier by joining the coop- and other heritage bodies. Celtic peoples have always been indigenous without formalities of course.

Eireannach Co-Operative Society (spiritual and heritage community) as stated, in its rules 4a and 4b (see above) also aims to develop a community to encourage the following;       “To develop an interest in spiritual matters, heritage and crafts, arts and craft making, eco-living, music and sustainable economics. To develop a religion of indigenous people nationally and internationally”

The best way to achieve this is too obtain lands and build villages. Many people within Ireland and internationally have already achieved this solution, for instance Cloughjordan in Tipperary. The aim of erinannach would be to develop such projects to accommodate all income levels. A place where a school and shops and children (children especially) and families are considered first and not last. Dwellings as such should be magical places to live within, both in the eye of the beholder and its spirit.

No matter how much you contribute any eventual development has removed the price of the land for you with this project. With communal and single ecological dwellings a village can be built. We will receive notifications of all contributions. Each design or village will differ according to taste and geography and mood.

Without discrimination but with an interest in national culture, “access” will be observed to disabled, orphaned and low income living. Any project will of course reflect all levels of society, financially and socially.

A much needed project concerns a large school and facilities to be based centrally for Ireland, for special needs and disabled children and adults. As such the Leitrim, Sligo, Roscommon border, from Inishfree to the beach may appeal.

http://oisintrust.org/ has been devised to achieve these aims and its trust fund will also facilitate these aims. Members of the Eireannach co-operative can contribute to these aims both financially but more importantly with their skills in architecture, building, agriculture, crafts, art, music, finance, sustainability.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Therefore please join our co-operative through the social networking and multiply.   https://www.facebook.com/erin.annach


Please also read the charity donations oisintrust.org page and consider contributing.

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